Who is Guidance?

photo courtesy of NASA/ES
"The degree to which one perceives oneself 
is the degree to which one creates one's reality."

Throughout the ages, it has been known that there are those who are not in physical form that have come to support a higher level of consciousness in humanity. They, like "Guidance" are a part of that energy which is found in all things and separate from none. As they have historically come to support Wisdom, Compassion, Understanding and Truth, so too, does Guidance, speaking through Catherine. There are other opportunities to access such Wisdom and Truth - this is just one of them.

Guidance defines itself as a formless energetic influence existing in the space between all things, and thus separate from none. The frequencies of this energetic influence are of the highest loving context.  Through the teachings of Guidance we can understand the broader perspective of who we are, delve into our pure nature and begin to realize our unlimited creative potential.  Eventually we can come to know this influence as an integral part of our own intrinsic nature.

Guidance welcomes you to your own inner wisdom . . .
to your own true power . . .
to your own highest love.

Why 'the Highest Loving Context'?

"We use 'the highest loving context' because that is the ultimate goal, is it not? Not 'the highest good' but the highest loving context.  There is a difference. We always speak of the difference in the languaging one uses. When you change your languaging, watch your phraseologies. It really does help support in holding and sustaining a higher vibratory frequency.

 So, using languaging such as good/bad, right/ wrong - in the context of understanding and explanation, yes. But when you are holding an intention for oneself, it is not the highest vibrational intention because it also associates, under that context, with levels of judgment."
- Guidance