Friday, October 2, 2009

Meditation For Balance & Grounding

This is a practice which is good for times when you feel off-centered or off-balance.

Sit in a quiet place, where you feel at ease and comfortable.
Take some deep breaths.
As you breathe in, feel yourself expanding to receive.
Then breathe out, and exhale any resistance or constriction.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself asking permission to move safely into the care of the earth, to rest in the care of earth, to feel the sustenance and strength and life offered by the earth. Hold the intention that you do not wish to disturb anything or create any changes, but simply wish to connect respectfully with earth, in a safe and protected way.

Become aware of the pure majesty and strength and power of the earth, and of how it offers its life to support yours, like a vast womb sustaining the child it carries.

At the same time, let yourself be aware of the vibrant, life-filled, dynamic energy of creation and change which is expressing itself as earth, creating the earth with so many variations of form, of land and water, century after century.

One layered upon the other, one side-by side with the other, uncountable forms and compositions of land and water and air have arisen and shaped the earth as you now know it, over centuries and centuries and centuries. It is still occurring, in ways both slow and fast, powerful and subtle, hidden and visible, powerful and delicate.

Let yourself sense this unlimited process taking place across vast stretches of time, joining time and space and form in a profound union, both stable and changing. You can observe this, sense it, perceive it, balance yourself in it.

Earth was not impatient as this creation unfolded. As she expressed herself in the perfection of who she is and was, all of these things naturally coordinated and happened. She was not hurried or worried. She gave herself to the process with no need to control it.

Through your intention, let each inhale take you deeper into the experience of earth. Every inhale relaxes you, invites expansion, and takes you deeper.

Every exhale releases resistance or hesitation. Gradually, you access the pulse, the heart of earth. This will be almost audible to you as a consistent rhythm, much like a human’s heart.

Remain peaceful and aware and allow yourself time and space to listen to this heartbeat, this pulse. Rest in it and center your awareness on it.

And now imagine you’re looking upon your earth, aware that you are so deeply and intimately sensing your connection with the essence of what earth is. Your true connection to the earth pulse, the earth heartbeat, occurs through the medium of your body. Your awareness of this elemental connection becomes very sensitive and attuned, balanced, sustained and grounded in your perceptions of earth reality.

We suggest you do this exercise several times a week to align yourself with the pulse of your inner link to the outer earth. Allow yourself to experience this alignment, this linkage, and rest in it, stand on its sacred ground, safe and balanced.