Monday, July 25, 2011

Judgmental Glue or Super Glue?

Judgment glues you to the very condition you are judging.
Judgment undermines all hope.

It is often easier to see how you are judging other people or situations than to see how you are judging yourself.  Judgment can be insidious and very subtle and hard to identify.

Much is discussed about being a co-creator of your lives.  How then does judgment, realistically, make a difference in your work, your relationships, your finances, etc.? As long as you see yourself or others through judgmental viewpoints, you cannot see yourself or others compassionately, with understanding or wisdom.  You cannot see yourself truthfully with potentials and be excited about those potentials.
For example - if you judge yourself for being "stupid", would you encourage yourself to get a college degree in a field that is interesting to you?  Your 'self talk' would discourage you from doing so or even if you did sign-up for the classes, once challenged by the curriculum you would have a tendency to quit.  That is how judgment can undermine and then become a co-creative influence in your life.  This is a clear level of judgment.  Because it is not always so obvious, it can be very difficult to identify.

We are posting a series, as explained, to help you identify on subtler levels of how and why you might judge yourself.  It is the most destructive influence.  Notice, though, under judgment is fear. So if you can see how you judge, you will be able to see the level of fear that exists within you.

The previous and subsequent articles will hopefully, help weed out judgmental tendencies.  Notice your languaging, notice your self-talk throughout your day.  Please pay clear attention to the differences between judgment and discernment also.  There is a great difference between the two.  Discernment is accomplished using wisdom and seeing conditions truthfully.  Judgment obscures the truth.

Using judgment does bind us, usually to the conditions you are most fearful of...

Use super glue instead, it binds items, not you.

Blessings ...

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