Monday, December 22, 2008

Visualization for Protection

Doing this exercise on a regular basis will help you to separate yourself from any frenetic influences in your environment and strengthen your connection to the energies you wish to coordinate with:
  1. Take 3 deep breaths, relaxing your shoulders, jaw and stomach muscles.
  2. Hold the intention to open and expand the solar plexus, asking that all chakra points rotate in balance and harmony with your body.
  3. Imagine that you are inside a beautiful bubble . . . a soap bubble like the ones children blow.
  4. Notice that the bubble can be seen through, and seen into. This is important because we don't want to dissociate ourselves from the physical reality on this earth.
  5. See how the soap bubble has an opalescent quality and contains many colors—a whole prism. These colors can represent many things and coordinate you with many beneficial energies through your intention. For example, the color purple is often associated with St. Germain, if you pray to St. Germain or are familiar with him, let this purple represent that which he has accomplished, such as alchemy. The white in this bubble can represent White Tara for those of you who practice Tibetan Buddhism. White Tara represents many things, including compassion and long life. The blue can represent St. Michael, the Archangel of protection.
  6. Whatever or whoever you relate to, use your intention to help you connect with that energy and align yourself with its qualities. All colors contain specific energies that can benefit us in some way, so tune into the colors that resonate for you and focus on its healing, loving, protective qualities.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

High Energy Fields

Remember the "100th Monkey" theory? Well, we are saying to you it is beginning to happen! All your prayers, kindness, generosity, etc. becomes a creative influence. How? These acts, thoughts, etc. are all of a similar higher energetic equation. They attach to each other because of this similarity until it becomes a literal dynamic influence. An influence that grounds into whatever reality it was created in. However, this is not the only reality in existence. When, and if, other realities create similar energetic equations, the energies created in your reality become a magnet to these. Since this then becomes an even greater influence on the universal and dimensional level, there is a potential here of change on a larger scale. We see this happening now. If some of you are experiencing agitation, fear, sleeplessness and disorientation when this is not your normal experience, these huge energy fields may be why.

We know there is a tendency to contract to protect yourself from feeling this way. NOW is not the time to do so. NOW is the time to open yourselves up, expand yourselves to receiving! Open to receive these potent energetic supportive influences that you have helped to create! It is a very potent, powerful time! These energies are very significant , we would say, for at least the next six to eight months. Take advantage of them. Create road maps for your life, set strong intentions, use visualizations to support your intentions, and then take actions based upon those clear intentions. This is how you will create!

We want to tell you that this process can happen in a blink of the eye or it can take generations to happen. Again, the consistent equation is YOU! What are you intending for yourself, how are you perceiving your Self and your world? We are here to help you understand yourselves to such a degree that change can happen in your life! (See our post Who Will Win the November Election?)

We have a motto, "To the Degree One Perceives Oneself, Is The Degree One Creates In One's Reality." Whether your perceptions of yourself are conscious or not, they are still creative influences. So, do you know what perceptions you hold of yourself, what beliefs you consistently stumble into? Do you feel like you are still in that proverbial Groundhog Day type movie?

We hope to support all of you that are interested in further understanding what and how to create! The Secret helped many, but took you only so far into how to manifest. We know a lot of you have been frustrated by this information, so we want to help you in understanding how to support yourselves tangibly and practically. Take what you have learned, though, and let's use it as a springboard into what is next!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Will Win the November Election?

It's Up to All of You
Channeled on 9/11/08

We know there are a lot of you experiencing quite a bit of anxiety around the elections.

There is so much we want to say about this.

First and so importantly, if there are candidates that you do not appreciate or like, please do not go into anger, frustration, or fear, for that just adds energy to their camp. Remember the laws of physics: what one focuses on, one creates. If one is focusing on fear, one will generate fear into their experience. Focus on what you want. Add energy to the candidate you want!

Now saying this, there is so much confusion being tossed around about these candidates. We have even had someone tell us they saw Barack Obama as being the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Well, Lincoln's energy is no longer being defined by just that lifetime, it is much more expansive now. Barack Obama is, from our perspective, of that larger energy field. Think about it for a moment. Wasn't Abraham Lincoln about dissolving prejudices? Well, the same goes for Obama: young, Black and having a "different" name. We could say he is supporting "busting" prejudices, yes?

Who is Barack Obama? From our perspective, he is an individual who knows how to magnetize to him the enormous amount of energy that you all have created! Whether through prayers, kindness, compassion, etc.—these acts and thoughts all have enormous energetic potentials. This high energy becomes something. Eventually, it begins to manifest tangibly. So, Barack Obama is the product of this tangible influence. One of the reasons why he is in this position is because of these acts, thoughts and deeds.

So, if you want him to win, what do you do? Continue to support him through your acts of kindness, your happiness, your compassion and thoughtfulness and generosity to others and intend that all of this result in more of the same. If he is the one to help your country step out of its greed and fear, it will happen!

Now, if you are still undecided, look at the languaging of the candidates. Watch how they frame their answers and decide if they are based in fear, or based in moving forward. Look also at their history: do they use it to their advantage, spouting about being the hero? Or do they let their past speak for itself?

We know there are many of you who are passionate about these candidates. We say to you very confidently: remember the energy that has been created will not dissipate no matter who is in office. It is tangible and so it will manifest one way or another. Be confident with that and keep on doing what you know to be right.