Friday, December 17, 2010

Kalachakra Event for World Peace

Dear Loved Ones,

I have been informed that tickets are going on sale for an event that, I believe , is a direct physical manifestation of what Guidance has been speaking about in relationship to this convergence of extraordinary energies and blessings. The convergence that supports all beings, supporting us through this "wave of change" The event is one that His Holiness is doing in July, 2011 called THE KALACHAKRA. Whatever your beliefs are, whatever your spiritual orientation is, I believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one of the greatest influences of peace in our world today and the KALACHAKRA event is for World Peace. With all that is happening, I think it is of utmost importance that we are not only aware of such events, that if compelled, we can participate in many ways. Of course, being amidst the energies of this enormous event is, I believe a huge blessing.

If you are compelled to do something in honor of this extraordinary occurrence, I know of many simple ways to support this huge endeavor. It may not be your belief system, and yet as Guidance says, we are always given opportunities to support a momentum. Please contact me if you are compelled to do something to help this momentum. I have several suggestions, whether they are of a prayerful nature or a practical nature.

So, again, whether supporting the actual physical event, or supporting those that are coordinators of such event, or supporting through thought and intention the energy of this event, please take time for a moment of gratitude, for occurrences such as this are reflections of a consciousness that can literally change our world.

Below is the link to this beautiful site. It explains better than I about this event and the meaning. Tenzin Lhamo, whom many of you know, is a Tibetan Buddhist nun who has graced my home and with whom I am forever grateful for supporting me in developing greater levels of compassion and wisdom and much more, is one of the main coordinators of this event.

I hold so much appreciation for all of you. You have taught me much and have enriched my life in a way you will never know.

Thank You,