About Cathy Heath

Catherine Marie Heath
Catherine has lived an ordinary life, with the predictable challenges that come with being married, raising children and managing a household, as well as working in the world.  In the midst of this came a moment that shifted everything.  Catherine had a friend who died of cancer; shortly thereafter, he began to communicate with her.  He told her many things, among them that she herself was ill with cancer.  At first, she considered these visitations a trick her own mind was playing on her until the information proved true - she was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer.  
Catherine began a healing process that included repeated hospitalizations, multiple surgeries and many frightening moments.  These communications with her deceased friend, combined with the trauma of her illness, pushed her into confusion and fear.  She had little understanding of phenomena of this sort.  In desperation, she turned to meditation and began networking with others in order to gain insight and understanding into the world of metaphysical phenomena. 

As she worked through the healing process and emerged out the other side, many high spiritual beings began to come through her.  She began to realize that there could be potential benefits to others by offering them the opportunity to have sessions with these beings.

Initially, distinct personality structures in the form of saints, gurus, and deities came through to facilitate the teachings to individuals.  If a person of Hindu orientation asked for information, a Hindu Guru would come present for that person and give them information they could easily relate to.  If a person of Christian orientation came to her for a session, a Christian Saint would come through.  Conversely, a person of Tibetan Buddhist orientation would be met by a Deity or Lama.  As time went on, the process began to evolve and this personality coordination gave way to a formless presentation that identified itself as an energetic influence from a high loving context. Catherine calls these formless energies "Guidance". 

Today, Catherine assists individuals in accessing true clarity about themselves and their lives, as they discover their own inner relationship with these energies.

What Catherine Offers Through This Work

Catherine Heath has been a spiritual teacher and energetic facilitator since 1993. She has been mentored, inspired, and endorsed by teachers and students of many spiritual paths.

In Western culture, oracles are seen as a phenomenon, yet in Tibetan society almost every village has it's own . The Tibetan government in exile has an official State Oracle.  Catherine, and these energies that she facilitates, have been recognized by those in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition whose job it is to do so, as coming from the highest, pure wisdom realms. The teachings she offers are foundational conversations of Universal truths that apply to all spiritual and religious systems - the Guidance teachings are inclusive of all and exclusive of none.

Before offering a session, she goes into a deep state of meditation to coordinate into states of pure awareness.  This assures that the personality is not a limiting influence.  Because the teachings are not filtered by the personality, they come through Catherine as pure Knowingness.  She refers to these profound teachings as “Guidance” and they are presented as a simple, two way conversation to facilitate an ease in the communication process.

Through the Guidance teachings, individuals learn how to translate their "highest loving potential" into this physical reality and are supported in realizing states of non-separation in a grounded, practical way.  She works in person and by phone with individuals all over the world.

To schedule a private session email Cathy at cathy@thehighestlove.com