Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Truth About 2012: Reality, Truth, and the Folly of Fear

In the thirty years I have been associated with Guidance, I have never heard them communicate with such strength, nor felt such dynamic, powerful energy behind anything they have ever said.  (The group session held recently in Menlo Park runs a close second.)

As you begin reading this message, I ask that you please check yourselves, as I did, to clearly understand what humanity is about to experience.  Observe any fear arising within you and capture it.  Write about it and get clear - is your fear based in reality?  Guidance  explained that what felt to me like a sense of urgency to get this message out, was in fact, my own fear-based thinking arising.  The reality is - there is nothing to fear in this statement. As a matter of fact, there is much to celebrate.

With that clearly in mind, I present to you, with care, the following information ...

We want to explain to you a little about these energies that are encircling your Earth - these convergences that are happening - and their meaning, because it is quite extraordinary.  We mean it quite literally.  Most people will have not had the opportunity to have these kinds of experiences, energetically speaking, through lifetimes.  It is so huge. And the reason being, is that you've all heard about 2012, the end of the world, Hopi prophesies, all of these things - it is not that we see your world ending. We see that it is the beginning of the mass consciousness shift, it is the Hundredth Monkey theory - the concept that a certain number of individuals reach a level of consciousness and it helps supports the shift of other levels of consciousness. This is why this convergence is happening right now.

What people aren't realizing, and what we think is not coming through, is the fact that, yes,  there is so much tumultuousness aligning, (i.e. another earthquake in Japan, wars in Middle East, etc.).   But now, there is not only a convergence of energies of great, great blessed spirits encircling humanity, but because humanity now is taking this exponentially, it is also influencing other realities, exponentially.  We want people to understand that now there is also going to be an alignment with presences that people are going to start actually having an experience with.   Experiences that they can actually trust

There are going to be visitations. 

We have always discouraged people from making up stories about UFO's landing, etc.  We are not talking about that. We are talking about people becoming more present to spiritual visitations.  Real visitations. 

Individuals and facilitators who have been spiritually coordinated are going to be asked  to trust themselves more and more and more, and step into receiving such potentials.  Because each and every one, in their own unique way, is going to be called upon to help now.  The facilitators who have been preparing themselves for eons are now going to be called to step up to the plate - if they want to.  Some will not want to because of what they've associated with in the past.  Usually, there has been a destructive, painful association with stepping up to the plate, so to speak.  It is going to be different this time.
We are so excited.

We would say, by the end of the year, things are going to be shifting more dramatically than you can understand.  And for the good. You'll see.  Things have to fall apart a bit, so we want to prepare people.

We want people to understand that, in order to rebuild, the existing structure has to fall apart.

We're not necessarily talking about financial institutions anymore.  We're not talking, necessarily, about anything that is tangible to you externally.  We are talking about one's own internal process of falling apart - that people will have an 'opportunity' to be faced with enormous amount of fear.

However . . . the fear is not real.

And that is the key difference.  This is the biggest difference that is not being discussed. 

Everybody's talking about Earth changes. Everybody's talking about financial institutions crumbling.  This is not what is going to happen. It is the fear of these things that's going to rise inside of people to a degree that they become so uncomfortable that it's almost unbearable.

But the difference will be - reality is going to stay the same. Pretty much.

Can you see the wisdom of this? To be able to realize that everything that is grounded in fear is illusory; that reality is reality is reality.   That all of the fear-based thinking becomes questionable because - the financial institutions are not falling apart.  Because The Big One does not happen, as an example.

So, let's say then, that fear does become so enormous inside of you, and that will be the case for many, and that fear does not manifest in the way you believe it is going to.  What happens is, you will be able to see the tomfoolery of fear.   You will be able to see how fear is the trickster, how you have been fooled by fear.

People will begin to realize that their fears are not reality based.

The reality is - resources are not limited, in fact, there is an enormous amount of abundance. So, when people are really asked to look at their fears, say for instance around lack, and then realize their fears are not realistically based, then guess what arises within individuals? 

A fearlessness for change. 

That is what's going to create the change.  That's what is not being discussed.
Do you see how brilliant it is?

It's already been tested with Y2K, the year 2000.  Remember the fear that the whole world was going to stop because everything was going to become crippled and come to a screeching halt?


That didn't happen.  Life kept plugging along.

That was the precursor to what will be happening more and more.
There is so much being made of 2012. There are major earth changes happening.  There is just enough going on for people to grasp onto, based upon what their greatest fears are.  There's just enough for them to bite into it, as though it is real.  There's  going to be just enough to tease them.  But when they, first of all, come back into realization that, ' Wait a minute. My greatest fear didn't happen. This is not culminating in disaster as all the 'experts' have been predicting.' - what happens, then, to their reality? What happens then, to their thinking? 

Then they will be able to realize - 'Look at how I was gripped by that fear to the degree that I made decisions that were absolutely non-productive, even foolish. Look at what fear creates.'

Then they will be able to say  - 'Well, wait a minute. If I was fearful about that, and  that never happened, then why am I allowing my fear in this direction to stop me from doing what I know is right?'

You'll see.  It's hard to see it now.  You'll see it. 

The dissatisfaction that is arising in people now is already a reflection of this. But the only difference is, and this is very, very important that this is clarified - the dissatisfaction that is arising within people now is just purely fear-based. 

Think about it.

What is happening now?

For instance, Catherine tries to catch a little glimpse of the news in the morning so she can get a sense of what is going on in the world.  And, what is happening now, as you well know, is there is fear that the government is going to come to a halt and it's going to create repercussions.  These kind of things are going to start arising more and more and more and more for people to see more and more clearly, number one - what fear does.  And number two - who is in fear and what it creates.

And so, people are being presented with the opportunity to see lines being drawn between those who are in fear versus those who are keeping a cool head and staying inside wisdom. This is why we've been saying  - your reality can look very different even from that of the person you're living with.

It is all, all, going to be dependent upon one thing - fear - and how much fear grips individuals. 

This is what we want blasted everywhere - it is seeing the illusory nature of fear that is going to topple society.

You will see that what is so brilliant about this, is that those that aren't in fear aren't even going to be scathed. That is why we are saying - the Big One isn't going to happen.  It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen in the way that people think.  It is going to be an internal process.

If people make the choice to stay in fear, their reality is going to be significantly changed - if they cannot see the tomfoolery of fear they will be taken down the rabbit hole of it ... that is why we are saying your next door neighbor's reality may look very different than yours.

We know it is very hard for you to understand right now.  But, if you understand that when we came through Catherine years ago and we said, with just as much strength and conviction and clarity, that if George Bush gets elected you will not recognize your country by the time he's through. And that is what happened.

We are saying this now with as much conviction.
And we can't be more specific because it's impossible to be more specific because of the fact that it is based upon each individual's own fears.

You'll see it aligning.  A prime example right now is - the tsunami warning in Japan.  Yes, they had another earthquake, but what is the greatest fear of the Japanese?  Another devastating occurrence.  It's not going to happen.  So what they see now is, they had a very valid reason to bite into fear, right?  Of course.  That is much more exaggerated than what will happen to most individuals, but they had a reason to bite into fear, but that fear they bit into is going to perpetuate more opportunity for them to become more and more and more and more fearful, and when those things do not align any further - yes, there may be more earthquakes and aftershocks - but it is not going to destroy them, like they are afraid of.    Their fear of total destruction is not going to manifest.  The reality is, their country is going to come back very, very powerfully.

The news is brimming full of dire predictions on every front. You can see that it is starting to surface already.  It is only going to get worse.

That is why we're here now.  That is why we have been here - to prepare people to stabilize themselves.  Notice our languaging.  It has all been about sustainability, clear thinking; to the degree that one is in perception of oneself, conscious or unconscious, is the degree that one creates.

This is the time though, that fear is faced and realized for what it is.

It is why we teach - look your fears in the face and you'll notice when you do, they are not truly harmful.  Your fear is not cutting off your leg, as an example..  There is nothing substantial or real about them.  You see? That is the brilliance of this exponential change.  However,  we, along with  these convergent energies, know the potential destructiveness of fear, and that people become paralyzed by it - and that is why this convergence is happening. Fear is going to create, but not in the way that people think.

Fear no longer has a cause and effect like it did at one point in time because of the 100th Hundredth Monkey effect. 

That is a very important point.

We can't even relate to fear in the way we did six months ago - well, you can relate to it, but it won't translate in the same wayThere isn't the same cause and effect relationship with fear that there once was, because there is no pure foundational system to uphold the fear becoming something as tangible as it once did.

So it can look the same, as far as fear coming up here, there, and everywhere, but there is no energetic support for it.

It will manifest to some degree, but not to the degree that people are in fear of.

People weren't ready to hear this until now.  They wouldn't have believed it.
Now - believe it so you can start seeing for yourselves what is truly happening...

There is still a precariousness about it - that's why the convergence of energies - these blessed beings will help counterbalance fear's stronghold, but once people realize that there is nothing foundational to fear, then they become fearless, then the change that has been predicted will happen.  You will no longer experience yourselves as being the victims of, or controlled by.

That fearlessness will start creating opportunities and fearlessness will topple societies.  Change will be for the good of all.  Societies will no longer be controlled by greed, for where does greed arise from, but from FEAR?



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amazing post. oxo love you so. ox t

I AM ~ YaMa'EL said...

This is the MOST ACCURATE information I have EVER seen posted on 2012 and what is coming for us all. BRAVO TO YOU!!! And whatever you do, never stop speaking your beautiful divine truth!!! You are deeply loved