Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sustainable Wave of Change is Coming

There is a wave of change upon us.

It is, and has been, our commitment to teach and support you in preparation for this wave of change in a tangible way, teaching you higher levels of wisdom in order to help you literally change your lives without attachments, pain and suffering. We have discussed many times how changing your thoughts and beliefs creates potentials in a personal way and universally. We have encouraged you, when asked how to help your world, to find moments of happiness and then dedicate it to humanity. Find moments of peace and dedicate it to humanity. Well, the time is arising to begin to see quite tangibly the effects of your commitment.

You will be going through this wave of change, no doubt.

Higher levels of consciousness, along with wisdom, will be arising within you. Because of these levels of wisdom and clear thinking, your intuition and clairvoyance will also expand. All of these things will be by-products of your internal work and because of that work, this wave of change is possible.

There will be toxins thrown off by the system in the initial adjusting to more light, which is part of the healing process. You may find this happening on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. And not just personally, but also universally. So, when you hear or see situations arise in your world that are disturbing, it is just a necessary part of the readjusting, of seeing conditions more clearly. It will seem as if there is a detoxification occurring, and it may be uncomfortable, but it is all in the process of healing.

Remember the analogy of the hallway . . .

Imagine you are walking down a hallway guided by the light from a 100 watt bulb. You are comfortable with that amount of light, and then in front of you, you see a doorway. You walk toward it and, upon opening, thousands of watts of light come streaming through. It takes quite awhile to adjust to that amount of light, it is uncomfortable at first. You enter the room and your eyes finally adjust, gradually allowing you to able to very clearly see more and more of what is in the room. All of that light is shining upon objects you have never seen before. However, after you have adjusted to that amount of light, you look back out into the hallway. It looks dark. Everyone and everything looks dark. But the reality is, it is not because they are darker, it is because you have adjusted to more light. Remember this in moments of concern for what is happening in our world and around you.

One learns to appreciate lighted-ness by being initially exposed to darkness.

Please don't judge anything that arises now, whether seemingly harmful or not. It is like a rock, it may seem dense and useless, maybe even creating a painful situation or reminding you of a painful situation, for your toe still aches from stumbling over it. It is just a rock, it can, at times, even be appreciated for reminding you of becoming more conscious and present to your next step.

Adversity creates change.

The change you are seeking right now and are so impatient for, is going to happen. Maybe not right away - please remember, this wave of change must take time to create conditions that are sustainable. A consciousness of wisdom and clarity, tolerance and equanimity must arise in order for this change to become sustainable. Be patient.

In remembering you are responsible for this change, each individual then adds to the change that is happening and how sustainable it will become. So patience and mindfulness are the keys. Remind yourselves, 'How do I see each moment through the eyes of Wisdom?' and as a result, through this level of thinking, you become your own 1000 watt light.


from the transcript of the Guidance group session,
Ventura, California 11/14/10

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