Sunday, February 27, 2011

Choose Fear or Truth

Much of what I have learned from Guidance is about how not to add to the emotional turmoil on Earth - by staying calm, holding my center, focusing on the truth that is my life, my reality, in this Now moment.

Otherwise we can end up feeding that which is upsetting us in the first place and realistically, how does getting upset help anything? How?

It doesn't.

So much of what we read and see on the news is not presented truthfully anyway. In each moment, what do we choose to believe in? Something presented to us on a glowing box by a talking head reading a script?

Or the truth that is right in front of us every day.

The truth of our lives. The smile of a loved one. The warm soft fur of a beloved pet under our hand. A simple pot of soup bubbling on the stove. Sunlight warming the earth. Wind-driven clouds scudding across the sky.

These are truths you can settle into. Rest in. Breathe in.
These are truths that no one can take away from you. No matter what.

I used to think that getting all hooked up emotionally in the drama of tragic events was "compassion" but what I have learned is that all I was actually doing was allowing events in the world to resonate with my own unprocessed trauma.
Our fear about what is happening 'out there' is simply a reflection of what we have not yet realized about our own Selves.


The world is our mirror.

The fact that we notice fear arising within us can be used as an 'arrow' that Guidance talks about, pointing us toward those parts of ourselves that still hold unprocessed emotions. So, the fear can literally be seen as a blessing, if we make a conscious choice in the moment to see it in this way. To flip that coin over and realize the opportunity that is there for us in that moment. To see it as a gift we can open to receive.

So feel the fear and acknowledge it - but take a step back and realize it for what it is - simply a vibration, an energy. Realize it is never about what is 'out there', no matter how much the news media or your mind would like you to believe it.

It is always about what is right in here.

If one can take a step back, shift perception and bring it back to self - there, in that moment, is the power we can claim for ourselves. The power to take responsibility for that fear, discover it's source and to heal.

The truth is - we are not tiny helpless people trapped here on Earth in a maelstrom of chaos. The truth is - we are enormous Beings who have chosen to be here on this blessed planet to experience events during this historic shift. To help ourselves. To help humanity. To help our Mother Earth.

It is time. It is time we acknowledge that fact and step forward into the truth of Who We Are. It is time we start walking that walk we have dreamt of for decades. As a conscious choice. With love, humility, awareness and compassion. The pedal is meeting the metal. It is time for us to begin to step into becoming All that We Are.  

                                                                               - denver

There is much material here that can serve as a valuable resource in moments of difficulty or confusion. I encourage everyone to take a moment and explore these offerings in the knowledge that they have been presented for the benefit of us all.                                                                        

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