Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Importance of Language in Creating Intention

In using words to develop intentions we hear phrases like, "May this be for the highest good". Even small phrases of this nature can make a difference when holding a strong intention. Notice the difference between the word "good" and "love" or "kindness" or "compassion".

The energy behind each of these words is very different. When using "good" the energy of "judgment" arises. Good and bad; right and wrong. Words solidify intentions. So first be mindful of what you are ultimately seeking, and then state it clearly.

Using "the Highest Loving Context", as we say, to support you in developing an intention may raise the question of one's own "love package". Some associations to love may have a painful impact for personal reasons. For example, a child born into an abusive family environment will have different associations with love than one that was raised very kindly with great care. So each "love package" may look a little different based upon one's personal history.

Begin by taking a moment to sit quietly and go within.

  1. Ask yourself - what is your ultimate goal?
  2. Then define the components of that goal. If, for example, 'love' is your ultimate goal, then break it down - i.e. kindness, consideration, caring, patience, etc. Really get into the details of it.
By doing this, you are further clarifying the goal and intention you want to support; or as some people say, “getting grounded” at a much deeper level.

By taking time to sit with this you add energy to your intention. Being mindful, makes your intention more potent. Remember, while confusion and ignorance are rooted in illusion, clarity is rooted in Truth. And 1 grain of Truth is 10 times more powerful than any amount of illusion.

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