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How To Create Your Personal Road Map

Channeled 2/12/09

This blog is intended to support individuals in understanding not only the capacities that you have at this particular time, in reference to changes happening in your world, but also in developing a personal relationship with what can be done, using very practical tools, using very practical techniques, in learning how to become a creating, conscious human being.

Good Greetings to all of you.

We are here to present ourselves a little bit differently this time. It is our intention to support individuals in many different ways. There are different ways to learn and understand . . . one can benefit through reading, some people learn better through auditory opportunities, so, this is our intention. We want to make this blog visually pleasing, we want to have opportunity to speak to you in this way, and we will also have written transcripts.

Some of the things that we want to do is to use this blog as an educational tool. In so doing, our intention is to support individuals, not only in the immediacy of the moment, but to give them tools to help them throughout their life's challenges which are arising, as many are finding, and have been challenged through this last year or so.

What we want people to understand is that this is an enormous, enormous time of change, as you have been seeing. But from our perspective, it is a wonderful, wonderful time of change. As with anything that is transitionary, there are certain opportunities for challenge and stress, but when you can see the potential outcome, those challenges and stresses really only become the smaller details of a much, much larger picture.

It is the analogy of giving birth, it is what the Hopis [a Native American tribe] have been discussing, it is what Nostradamus has been talking about in his quatrains, it is all of these things, the Mayan calendar, it is all these things that are being foretold.

And it is truly, truly a wonderful opportunity for people to realize that the potential that is arising, is more enormous than anyone can imagine.

We see it right now as though there is a crest, a wave, and this wave is what many, many people have the opportunity to ride upon. Now, if one is fearful of riding on the wave, then one will be engulfed by it. But if one can really steady oneself upon the wave, one will be able to have a wonderful opportunity, to see from a very different viewpoint, what is truly happening.

If you look right now at whether it is your economy, the governmental process, your own personal lives, you will see that a lot is dissolving and falling away. Most of what is dissolving and falling away has to do with that which is not working any longer in regard to the new wave of consciousness that is arising.

We have used the example [of] - and if you look back to some of the articles that were written awhile back about - the Barack Obama, and the potential of his candidacy, and what would happen if he was able to win the presidency, this is also another indicator of this wave, of this larger consciousness. You listen to this man, he is intelligent, he holds focus, he is the indicator, he is the result of, consciousness arising.

It is not that we're saying that he is the enlightened one to take everyone into Nirvana. But what we're saying is if you can see this as the result of consciousness arising . . . See it as the result of all the things that you have been praying for, all the kind acts, all the compassion, all the wisdom that's arising . . . to culminate into this timing right now.

So, the most important thing for people to do right now is to hold this larger focus. As a wise one told this Catherine at one point in time, 'to keep the eagle's eye view'. The eagle's eye view of what potentials are arising; the things that are not working any longer are dissolving - dishonesty, deceit, greed - all of these things are not part of the consciousness that is arising. And you can see, systems that have been built upon this are falling apart. So, yes, some of you have been very dramatically affected and/or influenced by this transitionary time period.

So this is what we're going to recommend. Several things. We will post little practices. We've posted the Bubble Protection practice, to help support you in aligning with yourself, staying focused within, internalizing. We're going to have a little bit of meditation that we have available to you - again, to support you in staying internalized, not getting too distracted by what is happening, "out there".

The other thing that we're going to recommend is that you write out a half a dozen qualities. Half a dozen qualities that you can relate to, that you can identify with. Qualities such as peace, happiness, kindness, compassion, freedom, exploring one's abundant nature, and when we say that, [we mean] in all ways: Abundance of opening to potentials, abundance of one's pure spirit, abundance of one's perception of the magnitude of happiness available to oneself in any given moment. Six qualities.

And what we want you to do is use these as road maps. And write them on separate pieces of paper, post them all over, and let that be your focus. The more that you spend time with these six qualities, the more you identify with them; the more you can remember moments that elicit these six qualities; the more you ignite within yourself what we call these internal antennae; and these internal antennae will, consciously and unconsciously, continually direct you into more and more of those opportunities [to experience these six qualities].

So, as you focus on these qualities, let's say you can remember a time you were in pure happiness - sit with it. Allow yourself to feel it as deeply as you can. And lose the association [to the circumstances] and just stay with the feeling state. Because you don't want to be attached to what brought that happiness to you, you want to just be in the pure experience of happiness. And then open yourself to receiving more of the same.

And then as you go through all of these six different qualities, spend time every day with them, and just know that what you're creating for yourself are road maps. Road maps to take you into what is next, and you stay focused on that. And let that then be your defining, let us say, system for you, rather than fear and the illusory nature that is arising right now.

Remember, that so much of society has been built upon fear for so many years, and it is what society and humanity has become used to. You're breaking out of that illusion right now. And so, in order to do that, you want to stay focused on what you ultimately intend for yourself.

And, yes, the fear will arise and if you could see it like clouds in the sky, just passing by: one moment it'll look like that and the next you look up, it will look differently. That's all that fear is. It is an illusion, it is not based in reality.

But these six qualities are based in reality. And this is what one can focus on to take one into what is next. To create this new, new potential for yourselves, to stay out of the fear-based orientation that has enveloped your reality for so long.

Sweet ones, we know it may seem like you are beating your head against the proverbial wall right now, but reality is, that is just fear and it is just literally paper thin. It is just an illusion. It is not a thick wall at all.

It's very difficult for you to see that right now and we absolutely understand. So the other thing we're going to encourage is compassion. Compassion for yourselves, and compassion for others, in understanding that because so many have lived inside fear for so long, most people are enveloped by it, still.

And yet, and yet, this crest, this beautiful, beautiful wave, is available to all and we encourage you all to take advantage of it.

So remember your six qualities. Focus on them, spend time with them. You ignite within you these internal antennae that will, as we stated, consciously and unconsciously, take you into more of the same.

Remember practice. Practice to those that you look up to: If you have a spiritual basis, say your prayers. Relate to the qualities that you pray to. In other words, if you pray to a saint or an angel or a deity or to God, what are the qualities you are looking for inside those individuals? What are those qualities that you're seeking? And literally, literally, sit with those qualities because you have ownership of that which you see in them. So take time. Use your breath to take you inside yourselves, stay focused.

Blessings, blessings, blessings to all of you. Thank you for such an opportunity. Thank you for this opportunity to allow us to come into your lives to support you. Please always know that there is energy here, at any time that you should seek.

Open your solar plexus to receiving only that which is in the highest loving context for you. Open and receive all that which is in balance to your physical body. And let yourselves ride this beautiful, beautiful crest, this beautiful wave. And be like the eagle, soaring above it all, noticing everything that is happening below you, but not being a part of it, just being a witness to it.

Blessings sweet ones.

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