Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some of the Benefits of Contemplation & Meditation

Why would one want to spend time contemplating or meditating or even playing with some of the suggestions here on the blog? Time and effort has value to you. Why use that which is of value in this way?

We have a saying "To the degree that one is in perception of oneself, is the degree one creates in one's reality".

What does that mean?

Perceptions create. Whatever perceptions one holds for oneself, whether understood or not, manifests in ways that are sometimes very obvious, more often, though, not.

Perceptions usually hold one into narrow points of view. By encouraging one to contemplate, we invite you to look at situations from different angles, hopefully beyond judgement and fear. By inviting you to do so, you don't have to believe in what we are saying. We are just suggesting one looks at a situation from different angles so that you can see that often times there are more choices available to you than you thought at first glance.

When you experience having choices, it also supports you in staying out of any victim pattern, fear and contraction.  Now, these choices may not seem viable. Initially it doesn't matter. What is important here is the training of the mind - to first seek different avenues or viewpoints which will help you from going into these all too familiar emotional 'knee-jerk' reactions which are rarely productive.

So, playing with these contemplations can have a much larger influence than one might think. It supports one in becoming a clearer creator of one's life. By looking at the same situation from many different angles, one engages one's intellect and emotions to help see the difference between concept, or perception, versus reality.

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