Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Law of Attraction: Clarity vs. Fear

If you are in fear of any condition arising, whether it be this over here, or that over there, you are going to act like a magnet in these times to draw those conditions to you. So, if you're in fear, you're going to position yourself unconsciously inside circumstances that will create more fear within you. 

If you stay clear, hold a clear intention, you will literally provide yourself with opportunities that will create more of the same.  

If you stay clear, yes, you're not an ostrich, you're aware of what is out there and aware of potentials, but you stay clear inside yourself, encase yourself inside these bubbles so to speak, then it will definitely, definitely help support you in staying steady on this path that we are speaking about.

see Visualization for Protection, posted December 22, 2008

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