Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Special Message From Guidance

Guidance is asking that we prepare ourselves for a very special opportunity, one that, in their words, "has not been seen by most in lifetimes." They are saying there is a convergence of the greatest, highest, Spiritual Beings to help support us through this "wave of change". It began to coordinate with us around the 17th of this month and will be very strong around full moons, having fluctuations of energy throughout the next few months.
They have recommended a daily practice that creates an opportunity to receive the blessings that will support us through this change. It will also influence the further coordination of our genetic structure and help expand and create more neuro-pathways. They said that it will eventually manifest in ways that effect our intuition, wisdom, clairvoyance, etc. through expanding brain capacity. This will take time so we need to continue to work on ourselves and stay prudent in developing further compassion, kindness and self-awareness.

The practice to receive from this convergence is as follows:

First . . . go to the crown chakra and ask that it open and expand and rotate in balance to your physical body.

Second . . . take your breath to the solar plexus and ask that it expand and rotate in balance to your physical body. This will set up a domino influence to help balance all chakras.

Third . . . intend to receive all blessings available in the highest loving context.

The energies will be coming in to the crown chakra area. Exhale any fear, anger or other emotions that are contrary to expansion. Practice this daily, always giving gratitude to those High Beings that are here to help us through this "wave of change".

Again, Guidance can't say enough about what a unique and tremendous opportunity this is for us. We have been hearing confirmation of this convergence from several different sources, so practicing every day will be very beneficial. If you want to make a ceremony out of this, even better - lighting candles, seeing the candles becoming millions more and asking that this light encircle our world and be a gift of gratitude to those who are helping.

We will be discussing these opportunities and more at the upcoming group sessions in Southern California on November 14th, and in the Santa Cruz area, November 20th.

For more information about the up-coming group sessions, email

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